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Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

Terms of Purchase

  • For Customer Support, Cancellations and Disputes please give us a call first at 888-444-2998.
  • We need 60 days and 90 days advance notice for all bookings.
  • Confirmed Booking with 60 days notice and with 90 days if it is a holiday.
  • Holiday travel (Thanks giving, Christmas and Major USA Holidays) will incur a holiday travel fee charge; rates depend on resort and location selected.
  • Must at least 30 years to travel to an all inclusive location.
  • No refunds are rewarded after 7 business days.



How can your company make money selling these vacations at such low prices?

We do not make much profit on every sale, we depend on volume to become profitable. We pass the savings to our customers to achieve the volume.

Are there any blackout dates?

There are no blackout dates, however, during holidays the resorts fill up more than usual. We encourage you to book your stay during a holiday early to avoid unavailability.

After I purchase my vacation do I receive any documentation?

Yes. After you have purchased, you will receive a detailed invoice, confirmation information, and information about the resort you have chosen, along with all the necessary information on how to proceed with booking. You will also receive a credit card authorization form which must be returned to us in the self addressed stamped envelope provided in the package.

How does the booking process work? Am I responsible to make the arrangements?

No. Our team of customer service representatives will book your stay for you and send you all confirmations by email. Once you have chosen dates, you have to contact us a minimum of (60) days in advance before your preferred stay dates.

Once I have purchased my vacation, are there any other hidden fees or costs associated with it?

There are no hidden fees or costs. You are responsible to pay the taxes to the resort upon checkout. This cost is based on the sale price of your vacation.

Do you handle airline arrangements or rental car reservations?

No, we do not deal with airline, rental car, entertainment or any other arrangements; you are responsible to make those arrangements after your stay dates have been confirmed.